JIRA Scripting Suite


JSS plugin provides a convenient way to put custom conditions, validators and post-functions into workflow in a form of Jython scripts. Plugin also provides an ability to create on-edit validators, on-edit postfunction, and custom listeners.


  • Choose inline scripting or referencing a .py file. You can use a single script file in many places of your workflow, or event create your own library of useful scripts.
  • On-edit validator provides server-side validation for the standard Edit operation and utilizes standard ways to report errors.
  • On-edit post-function gives an ability to modify field values before they are applied (for example, you can easly create dependency between fields).
  • Plug-in features EditArea Javascript code editor to provide in-browser script editing with formatting and syntax highlight.
  • Scripting allows on-the-fly modifications without JIRA restart.
  • Whole JIRA API is accessible from within the script. All needed variables are injected into script context.
  • Unicode supported.

Download & Installation

Proceed to Downloads Page, then follow Installation Guide.

Visit plugin's page on Atlassian Plugin Exchange, Confluence Wiki space for installation guide, scripting samples and more or leave a bug report or a feature request.


Workflow validation script editor

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Workflow validation failure screen

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Global On-edit validation script editor

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On-edit validation failed

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